Breastfeeding "+" Plus, Gray & Black
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The Breastfeeding "+" Plus is an innovative and practical “new” nursing pillow that is sure to amaze.

  • Adjustable Height with Shrink to Fit Cover: Ability for mom to add or remove foam sections to change the height of the pillow for a comfortable fit with its outer cover adjusting to size, and ability to be removed for easy washing.

  • Ability to raise either side to support (prop) baby’s head: A foam section can be folded in half and placed back in the pillow to create an angle on one side to incline the pillow. 

  • Lumbar Support: The foam cushion relieves pressure off of mom’s lower back & helps maintain alignment as she breastfeeds. It can also be positioned to the side as an elbow rest or be removed completely from the pillow if desired. 

  • Pregnancy Wedge: Pull out one of the foam wedges for a comfortable sleep as it cradles mom’s belly. 

  • Back Ease Knees Pillow: Pull out an additional foam wedge and place between the knees when laying side lying to ease the stress off mom’s back and hips. 

  • Tummy Time Pillow: Give your infant a healthy start by using one of the small foam sections to support baby’s chest for tummy time then advance to using one of the larger wedges as your baby gets stronger.


  • Mom +

Convenient pocket keeps water bottles, pacis, burp cloth, and other items within reach.

Ideal for C-section tummies

Great for hospital use

  • Baby +

Adjustable, quiet-release buckle unlatches without waking baby

One-tug for easy single-handed adjustment

Soft velour fabric on the top and bottom sections where baby rest its head

  • Breastfeeding +

Aids in preventing sore nipples and decreased milk supply

Adjustable height supports baby directly at breast to aid with a better latch every time.

  • Item #: MyEv4729

Breastfeeding "+" Plus, Gray & Black

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